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Zyloo has been supplying the highest quality products, delivered by qualified professionals to the American and worldwide market since 2002.  Zyloo focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of ant-aging and beauty products and has built a valuable set of support services to provide the public with education, formulation support and competitively priced product, delivered by a knowledgeable sales and customer services team.

Zyloo serves Pharmacies and other professional end users through its large network of wholesalers across North America, Europe and Asia.

Zyloo Research Laboratories, has developed a range of topical bases to provide greater flexibility and pharmaceutically elegant topical delivery vehicles. Zyloo is dedicated to the furtherance of knowledge through education and professional exchange.  Our team of registered pharmacists and formulation experts handle all compounding and formulation enquiries.

All Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are sourced from manufacturers adhering to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). These select manufacturers must meet an exceedingly high standard of production and quality control to satisfy the requirements of Zyloo.  Zyloo uses outside registered testing laboratories to confirm standards and validate the manufacturers monograph. Zyloo operates from distribution warehouses in Toronto, Canada and Temecula, California in the United States.

Zyloo has been built on a solid reputation of excellence in quality and service and strives daily to expand this reputation through constantly listening to you our professional partner.